Undergraduate and Masters Teaching

Prof. Corbett teaches on the MLitt in Theology and the Arts (DI5452: Religious Experience and Aesthetic Theory), the MLitt in Sacred Music (DI5601: Music and the Sacred in Theory and Practice), and in Systematic and Historical Theology at undergraduate and masters levels (e.g. DI4511: Aquinas’s Theology; DI4829: The Religious World of Dante; DI5526: Selected Medieval Theologian).

In 2019, Prof. Corbett was awarded the McCall MacBain Foundation Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Excellence Award.

PhD Supervision

Prof. Corbett welcomes enquiries for Ph.D. supervision in the following subject areas:

  • Dante Studies (particularly Dante’s theology)
  • Aquinas’ theology and its influence
  • Medieval theology
  • 19th-21st century Catholic theology (particularly the Leonine renaissance in Thomistic Studies, and the history of Catholic theology up to and including Vatican II and its reception).
  • Theology of music and sacred music
  • Theological aesthetics, and theology and the arts across all periods

Current PhD Supervision

Victoria Costa, ‘A Liturgical Theology of Music: Cultivating the Faithful through God’s Time’.

Rosemary Williams, ‘Durandus and Dante: a Theology of the Liturgy in Poetry’.

Bradley Buck, ‘English Thomism and the Inklings: The Influence of Early Twentieth Century English Thomism on Chesterton, Tolkien, and Lewis’.

Successfully Completed PhDs

Dr Joel Clarkson, ‘Resounding Radiance: Ionisation of Creation in Joseph Ratzinger’s Theology of Sacred Music’.

Dr Ewan Bowlby – ‘From Beaune to Breaking Bad: Using the Arts to Meet Cancer Patients’ Need and Desire for Spiritual Care’.

Dr Sarah Moerman – ‘Composing Christ’s Passion: Musical and Theological Approaches to the Passion Settings of James MacMillan, Arvo Pärt, and John Adams’.

Dr Jake Morley – ‘“That glorious sight”: Theological Aesthetics in the Poetry of Edmund Spenser and John Milton’.

Dr Caleb Froehlich – ‘Speaking to a Seeking Generation: Non-religious Art and the Surprising Turn Towards Religion, America 1970-1975’.

Dr Michael Anderson (with Prof. David Brown) – ‘Seeing the Bible : a Theological Retrieval of Visualization in the Christian tradition’.

Dr David Wilson (with Prof. David Brown) – ‘The Arts of Faith in a World of Progress: From Transcendence to Immanence’.

Dr Tim M. Allen (with Prof. David Brown) – ‘Heaven and the Imagination’.