Thomistic Studies 

Prof. Corbett is the co-founder and director of CEPHAS, a Thomistic Centre for Philosophy and Scholastic Theology.

Since 2012, he has been leading summer courses for interested members of the public. CEPHAS 2024 will run from 23-26th August 2024, with the topic ‘“What is Knowing?” Divine, Human, and Artificial Intelligence.’

Prof. Corbett has also given talks and retreats for the Thomistic Institute, and he also helped to establish a TI chapter at the University of St Andrews. He will speak at the forthcoming TI retreat ‘Who is Good but God’, which runs from 9-12 July 2024.

Dante Studies

Prof. Corbett co-directed, with Prof. Heather Webb, Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy (2012-2016), an international and interdisciplinary reappraisal of the whole poem, published in 3 volumes (2015-2017).

He worked, with Dr Patricia Kelly, on a new translation and edition of Pierre Mandonnet’s Dante le théologien, forthcoming with Brepols, as part of a broader collaboration with the Leeds Dante Centre reappraising the figure of Dante’s Beatrice.

For the calendar year 2024, he holds a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship for a research project entitled “Theologian-Poet: Dante’s Beatrice, and the Beauty of the Christian Faith‘, retrieving the sophisticated theological readings of Dante’s three autobiographical works, the Vita nuova, the Convivio, and the Commedia, by principally Catholic and clerical scholars in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

He is also collaborating with colleagues Theodore J. Cachey, Vittorio Montemaggi, and Jennifer Newsome Martin in the University of Notre Dame on a research project – Dante Among Theologians – to build on the scholarly investigation of Dante and Theology, and to develop a more programmatic historical retrieval of the theological reception of Dante over the past 700 years.

Theology and the Arts

In 2016, he founded TheoArtistry, a project bringing together theologians and artists in creative collaboration, and which has led to a number of projects, including the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme (2016-2018), the TheoArtistry Poets’ Scheme (2018-2019), ‘Creatively Theological’ (2018-2019), and the ‘TheoArtistry Text & Image Scheme’ (2021), as well as an international festival, a number of art exhibitions, related publications (including Annunciations: Sacred Music for the Twenty-First Century), a CD recording, and a volume of poetry.

Sacred Music

Building on the success of the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme, Prof. Corbett established, with Dr Michael Ferguson and other colleagues in Divinity and Music, a permanent collaboration on a new MLitt in Sacred Music, which launched in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Prof. Corbett was also Principal Investigator of a research project Music and Spiritual Realities 2022-2023 (funded by the Templeton Religion Trust). With his co-investigator Dr Sarah Moerman, Prof. Corbett brought together scholars in different fields – including theology, musicology, psychology, and neuroscience – to interrogate the commonly-perceived relationship between music and spirituality. This led to the collaborative volume Music and Spirituality: Theological Approaches, Empirical Methods, and Christian Worship (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2024).