George Corbett

Dr Corbett specialises in the theology and art of the medieval period, with a particular focus on Dante. He is the author of Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfilment (Oxford: Legenda and MHRA, 2013), and is currently working on a second book, Dante’s Christian Ethics. He is the co-editor of Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy, 3 vols (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2015-17), an interdisciplinary collaboration by thirty-four scholars on an innovative reappraisal of the whole poem. He also works on Aquinas’s systematic theology and its enduring influence.

Dr Corbett welcomes enquiries for Ph.D. supervision in the following subject areas:

  • Theology, Imagination and the Arts, particularly:

a) theology and the arts (literature, music, liturgy, architecture, the visual arts, film);

b) projects analysing an aspect of Christian life, doctrine or experience through the arts in any period.

  • Medieval Theology and its influence, especially:

a) the theologians Dante and Aquinas;

b) the wide variety of medieval literary genres and how these shape different kinds of theology.

  • Aquinas’ systematic theology, and its reception